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Start a Chapter

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Interested in organizing locally? Here are a few things you can do:

  • Join Open Call: if you're interested in talking to others and brainstorming how to start a project or where to plug in on something ongoing, this is a great place to start. Open Call is 7pm GMT every Tuesday.
  • Create a new wiki page for your project of interest. Feel free to use a template for this, (the Project Template could be a good place to start organizing, or the Issue Brief Template if you're still in the learning phase on the issue):
  • Reach out to the main publiclaboratory list to find community members who may already be in your area
  • Host a public event in your area. Here are some guides, and info on how to post an event on
  • Help people in your area sign up for
  • Post a question: already have something in mind you'd like to ask and explore with others? The Q&A is a great easy way to get started sharing.