Rivers, oceans, lakes, aquifers, groundwater, stormwater, urban canals, underground streams, estuaries, and more -- we are passionate about water quality! This page will help you find resources to explore the waterbodies you care about, and connect with other people who have the same interests: ###Questions on Water Quality: [questions:water-quality] ##Groups working on water quality issues: ### Mystic River Open Water Along with IOBY.org, the Mystic River Open Water project aims to build an open-source, DIY water quality monitoring network. Support the IOBY campaign [here](https://ioby.org/project/mystic-river-open-water). ### InfoAmazonia Network The project will use environmental sensors connected via mobile networks to generate indicators of water quality in cities in the Brazilian Amazon. [Read more](http://publiclab.org/wiki/infoamazonia-network). ### DontFlush.Me Leif Percifield's [water quality sensor system](http://publiclab.org/wiki/water-quality-sensor). Developed during the Water Hackathon on March 23-25 in New York City, the water quality sensor is a multipurpose tool for collecting data remotely. This tool is rapidly changing and is being used as part of the on going research initiative called DontFlush.Me

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